Top Bathroom Remodeling Designs in 2020

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Top Bathroom Remodeling Designs in 2020

Top Bathroom Remodeling Designs in 2020

If there’s one thing to say about 2020, it’s that people have certainly come to appreciate the comforts of their own homes. That makes now the perfect time to update the bathrooms in your home. 

To help you get a bead on some modern bathroom design trends, we’ve come up with nine of the best designs for bathroom remodeling in 2020.

Deep-Soaking Tubs

There’s nothing like luxuriating in a hot bubble bath to relax sore muscles and rejuvenate the soul. This year, Art Deco-style deep bathtubs are all the rage. Once you experience a soak in a deep tub, you will never again be content with the regular version.

Sleek Black Tubs

For a sleek, ultra-modern look, a stand-alone black tub becomes the focal point of the whole room. Black accents used elsewhere in the bathroom add a masculine touch to the space.

Brass Finishes

Whether installed in your master bathroom or a small powder room, brass finish fixtures give off a polished, upscale vibe that can enhance the appearance of the whole bathroom area.


Instead of the cold appearance of tile in the bathroom, using earth-tone travertine on floors and walls adds warmth and texture. Pair it with your favorite fabric to bring out even more hues in the stone.


Dress up a drab bathroom wall with tile wainscotting. Not only does it add texture and opulence to any bathroom, tile wainscotting protects your walls from water damage from sink or tub.

Shiplap Walls

For some rustic charm, there’s nothing like white or woodtone shiplap walls to make your bathroom extra cozy. Want a pop of color? Paint one wall of shiplap with the accent colors you choose for the bathroom.

Mirrored Tiles

Mirrored tile is the perfect way to “open up” a small powder room/half-bath and add a dramatic retro look to your space that you can replicate in the room’s accessories.

“Smart” Bathrooms

Showers with built-in Bluetooth speakers, voice-activated temperature and lighting settings, mirrors that self-adjust and “talk” to you are the latest in high-tech Smart bathroom gadgetry.


No need to worry about toilet paper shortages once you add a bidet to your bathroom! Once seen mainly in European bathrooms, bidets are far more common these days right here in the United States. Not only do bidets add a layer of luxury to the bathroom experience, they are more hygienic to use than toilet paper.

Ready for Some Bathroom Remodeling?

Let these nine trends be the inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project in 2020!