How to Remodel Your Kitchen for a Timeless Look

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How to Remodel Your Kitchen for a Timeless Look

How to Remodel Your Kitchen for a Timeless Look

How would you like to embark on a kitchen remodeling project? You can update your kitchen and give it a timeless look no matter what your budget may be. Below are some tips to help your kitchen remodeling proceed seamlessly.

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Go with the Architectural Flow

If you want your kitchen to appear timeless (and not be ready for a redo in a few years), choose a style that aligns with the style of your home’s architecture and the period in which it was built. Go for a retro look with older homes using colors and accents that were popular design elements.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures

Families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, so you want to make sure that you have sufficient lighting for doing homework, poring over recipes or reading the morning paper. LED rope lighting and under-cabinet lighting allows for subtle light sourcing that never detracts from other design elements.

Add Cabinetry

One thing that older kitchens of a bygone era had plenty of was storage space. Adding some extra cabinets can unclutter your countertops. Features like lazy susans installed inside the cabinets provide ease of access.

Textured Kitchen Tiles

Tiles, whether used on the floor or the walls of your kitchen, imbue it with warmth. Choose a texture and color that complements the design style. Black and white floor tiles are timeless and classic and go well with any accent colors.

Neutral Paint Colors

It’s hard to go wrong with classic white cabinets or walls. Subtle, clean and never out of style, white provides the perfect background palette for the colorful accents you add.

Shaker Cabinets

The sharp, clean lines on Shaker kitchen cabinets remain a popular option for kitchens more than a century after they were first designed. You can easily incorporate these cabinets into almost any style kitchen.

Butcher Block Countertops

This is a great choice for farmhouse-style kitchens that get a lot of use. Because they age beautifully with your home, this is a design element that’s always in style.

Go Au Natural

Natural design elements like brick, stone and marble will never look out of place or dated like some created features. If you don’t want to overwhelm a smaller kitchen, use them sparingly on a single wall or backsplash.

Get Cooking on Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Armed with these ideas for creating a timeless kitchen space, put them to work to create the classic kitchen of your dreams.